It was fun working with Judy. She knows how to lower the stress levels and helped identify schools that were are good fit for our student and our family. M.S. Silverdale WA

I thought meeting with Judy would be like going to the orthodontist- effective but painful. I was wrong. She asked the right questions and helped me stay on top of the college prep and application process. My applications were complete before most of my friends and I was offered admission to the schools I hoped to attend. T. R. Bainbridge Island, WA

The college application process has changed so much since my husband and I were students. Judy’s guidance and knowledgeable insight about college costs was so valuable. She helped identify a variety of college options that were unknown to us. She helped our student learn about scholarship options and our daughter has been very happy at her selected school. A. M. Oxnard, California 2014

My granddaughter needed help finding a college that would take a chance by offering her enrollment. She had not taken all of the required college prep courses in high school. Judy went to work and identified a good group of schools that were able to look past the holes in her academic record and celebrate her talents as a musician and writer. Without a doubt, Judy’s efforts changed her life.
S.O Seattle, WA

Judy helped our student stay on track with testing, essays, applications, and deadlines. She also offered guidance about which courses to take during junior year. Her help and her good humor were exactly what our family needed. T. S Calabasas, CA

When asked at Thanksgiving what my daughter was thankful for, her answer surprised us. She proudly declared, “I ‘m thankful for Judy Smith.” We are too! J.P. Seattle, WA

We saw our son mature and grow through the college selection and application process. Her guidance has been invaluable. K.B. Seattle, WA